10 Best Natural Soy-Based Beauty Products

by Diana Ajih on December 2, 2010

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With thousands of beauty products claiming their miracles, natural soy-based products is slowly making it’s way into the beauty world and already creating a lot of buzz. From skincare, makeup, and haircare, soy is becoming popular because of its amazing repairing benefits. Soy proteins are rich in antioxidants and amino acids that does wonders to the skin and it also helps to eliminate free radicals. Now brands are using them in haircare products to obtain soft and gorgeous hair.

Here, I put together 10 of the best natural soy-based beauty products. Use this as guide if you’re new to soy based products.

1. Fresh Soy Skincare Set– Keep the skin healthy, young and radiant. Find at sephora.com, $42

2. Tarte MultiplEYE Waterproof Mascara– waterproof mascara that is clinically proven to immediately increase the appearance of lash volume by 526%, while also increasing the appearance of lash length with regular use. Find at Amazon.com, $28

3. Shine Blow Hair Care Mane Tame Soft Pomade– A soft, airy pomade by Blow New York that helps control and maintain blow-dry style. Find at Amazon.com,$15

4. Origins Multigrain makeup– Look naturally radiant using a multi grain makeup full of oats, vitamins, and minerals. Find at Origins.com, $27.50

5. Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Milk Conditioner -Healing and soothing nourishment for the hair. Replaces amino acids and moisture in the hair to strengthen and hydrate. Leaves the hair soft, full and manageable. Find at Folica.com, $13.99

6. Kiehls Soy Milk & Honey Body Polish– Get glowing skin using the soft and healing properties of soy. Find at Kiehls.com, $30

7. Jonathan Silky Dirt, Shine & Define Creme– Great product to smooth hair and tame frizz. Did I also mention that it smells delicious. Find at  Beauty.com, $26

8. A Beautiful Life Soy-Based Nail Polish Remover– a nail polish remover that smells like grapefruit. No more smell of the harsh smell of acetone! It’s free of the DBP, Toulene, and Formaldehyde properties. Find at ABeautifulLife.com, $20

9. Freeze 24/7 SkinGlance Daily Detoxifying Cleanser and Mask -Contains a proprietary complex of Bio-transformed Rice Bran and Hydrolyzed Soy Protein for deep cleansing, maximum skin purification, detoxification and hydration. Find at Nordstrom.com, $65

10. Aveeno Soy-based moisturizer– The perfect moisturizer for beauty divas on a budget. Available at Amazon.com, $16.35

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