Review: Smooth Away Hair Removal Kit (As Seen On TV)

by Diana Ajih on January 6, 2009

in Hair removal

as seen on tvA couple of weeks ago, I stopped by a CVS store and I stumbled across a product called Smooth Away. You’ve all heard of it. It’s another AS Seen On TV product that’s an alternative to shaving, waxing, and tweezing.

I’m always skeptical about As Seen On TV products because I feel that most of them are pure gimmicks that don’t perform, and is just another way to steal people’s money. The so-called “miracle” products that ends up disappointing in the end. I would know, since I’ve been a victim to some of these horrors in the past. But, I was curious about this particular product. To be honest, I hate shaving, and waxing is just painful. If I could find an alternative solution to my hair removal dilemmas, then I would go out of my way to try it. So, I decided to take this one chance, and be a victim “yet again” to purchasing an As Seen On TV product and give Smooth Away a go.

Before I get to my review, let me give a little background information on Smooth Away and how it removes unwanted hair. Smooth Away is a European made product that buffs away unwanted hair. It’s a pad covered with superfine crystals that buffs away the hair leaving it soft and smooth. Here are some other benefits of the product:

  • It exfoliate as you use itas seen on tv
  • Perfect for sensitive areas
  • Easy, safe, and painless
  • can use on any part of your body

The Smooth Away Kit comes with one large pad for larger areas, and one small pad for smaller areas like the upper lip. Sounds great so far right?

My review: Ok, so let me just say first that when I opened the box, I observed the pad and I said to myself “There’s no way this pad can get rid of my leg hair.” Boy was I WRONG! I couldn’t believe that it removed my hair. I was completely shocked. The pad was very gentle on my skin. I followed the simple directions in the kit and voila…. all gone. My skin was left soft in most of the areas. Here’s another positive thing about this product. It’s been two weeks since I used this product and my leg is still 50% hairless. Only a few hairs have started to slowly grow back and they are very fine hairs too.

Now here are the drawbacks: The process is quite time consuming. I took me 20 minutes to do one leg. That’s not impressive! Also, it left a bit of friction burn in one small area which was quite painful. If you over do it, you will hurt yourself.

This is quite the lesson learned. Smooth Away deserves a 3.5/5 rating from my experience of using it. Yes, it did remove the hair, it’s easy to use, and it works on different areas of the body; however, it’s a bit time consuming. This is a good investment to try for your skin ($10.99) price wise or before opting for a more expensive hair removal product. Who knows it might work for you! If not, just stick to waxing or shaving.

****Update- I just want to mention that Smooth Away may or may not work for everyone. I’ve gotten mixed reviews on this product. Luckily it worked for me, but I have fine hair and everyone’s hair is different. This review is to show my own personal take on this product only and not to convince anyone that it’s a “miracle product”. The point is to get a conversation going so I’m happy to hear any positive and negative comments on this product not only for myself but for potential readers. Thanks again for stopping by my blog.

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