11 Cute Summer Hairstyles

by Diana Ajih

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Cute Summer Hairstyles!

Want to update your hair look for summer? Then it’s time you start figuring out how to style your hair and what look will match the shape of your face and personality.  And with over thousands of different looks you can choose from, you don’t have to settle looking like your average Jane ever again.

Find out how The Hairstyler gives style inspiration from celebrities with over 1000′s of virtual hairstyles! To add to the spring hairstyles, here are 11 more cute hairstyles for summer.

Summer Hairstyle Ideas #1

Short hair – since short hair is all the rage right now, you can opt to have a soft angelic haircut or a sharp eddy one depending on your personal taste. And because host hair is not something that everyone will be able to pull off, always remember to consult a professional hairstylist on what would be the best cut for you.

Pixie Cut

Carey Mulligan has been rocking this look since the Oscars. A very hot look seen down the Giorgio Armani Spring 2010 runway.

cute summer hairstyles, carey mulligan short hair, carey mulligan cropped hair

Summer Hairstyle Ideas #2

Mid length hair – for those who want to keep it simple in the summer hairstyles department and prefer to have mid length hair, you can opt to get layers that will not only highlight your face at the right places, but will also give it an exciting texturized style. Having a one length type of hairstyle is not only boring but it’s also going to make your face dull so make sure you avoid it at all costs.

Grown out shoulder-length bob

Anne Hathaway shoulder-length bob is one of my favorite looks on her and is so in this summer.

cute summer hairstyles, anne hathaway hair

Wavy bob

Kate Perry has been sporting this tousled look and above the shoulder waves are a winner!

cute summer hairstyles, katy perry hair, katy perry bob

Summer Hairstyle Ideas #3

Long hair – for those who want to keep it long, curls are in right one so if you don’t mind the heat, why don’t you go for that “just-from-the-beach look”? Aside from being one of the sexiest summer hairstyles, it’s also one of the easiest that you can do in your own home.

Straight hair

I’m all for the straight hair look. Strands like Reese Witherspoon was seen down the spring 2010 runways. Definitely an official indication that this look is back.

cute summer hairstyles, reese witherspoon hair, reese witherspoon straight hair

Deep side part

I remember this look watching the Dior show and I feel it’s very romantic and appropriate look for summer. Adding a hair accessory (as Scarlett Johansson did) is a great look to wear on a date.

cute summer hairstyles, scarlett johansson deep side part

Summer Hairstyle Ideas #4

Updo- Great look when there’s a heat storm. Here’s another tip- Add a stylish black headband during the hot summer nights.

Textured chignon

Victoria Beckham is wearing a simple yet classy updo that’s perfect for summer.

cute summer hairstyles, victoria beckham hair, victoria beckham chignon, victoria beckham updo

Loose updo

One of Taylor Swift’s favorite hairstyle looks.

cute summer hairstyles, taylor swift hair, taylor swift updo

Ballerina bun

Very classy ballerina bun and Emily Blunt is pulling it off very well.

cute summer hairstyles, emily blunt hair, emily blunt bun

High bun

I love it when Jennifer Lopez puts her hair up. She stays looking amazing and this look is great way to show off your gorgeous bone structure.

cute summer hairstyles, jennifer lopez hair, jennifer lopez high bun

Side ponytail

Lauren Conrad’s signature look!

cute summer hairstyles, lauren conrad ponytail, lauren conrad hair

Summer Hairstyle Idea #5


Matte tresses dominated the spring  runways and is surely one of the more edgier looks for summer.

cute summer hairstyles, matte hair

Since summer is just around the corner, make sure you start preparing by looking up different cute summer hairstyles that would suit you today. Show off your own personal style this summer by updating your hairstyle. Don’t be afraid to try new things and you might just be pleasantly surprised.

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