7 Braided Hairstyles That Are Fun & Easy

by Diana Ajih on August 19, 2010

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Braided hairstyles are fun and easy to do. Even celebrities love them! Want to learn how to recreate these gorgeous hair styles at home? Then check out some of these fab looks below!

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Braided Chignon

Here’s one of my favorite braided updos for long hair!

 Jessica Alba hair at the 2008 Academy Award show definitely got my attention. Her braided chignon hairstyle is the perfect look for a wedding, prom, bridesmaid, or just for fun (Change it up with a side chignon!). Check out this video on how to recreate this hairstyle at Teen TV.

High Ponytail Braid

This high ponytail braid is a sleek look and one of the more easy braid look to pull off. To prevent flyaways, make sure to apply mousse and bobby pins to stay sleek and smooth.

Braided Headband

Lauren Conrad is infamous adding a braid or two to her hair look.

Sienna Miller is known for bringing back the braided headband trend. One of the many bohemian hair styles. Learn how to recreate her look below!

HOW-TO: Pull hair back into a messy bun and secure with pins. Add a braided piece from the nape of the neck, and wrap around the entire head. Set the braid in place by sticking pins in the braid and connecting to the scalp.
INSIDER TRICK: Measure your head to see the ideal length of braid to buy and always match you hair color as closely as possible to perfect this braid around head look.

Source: Instyle

Loose Side Braid

The messy loose side braid look is one of the easiest hairstyles to attempt when you’re short on time.

Wear a more sleek loose braided hairstyle like Amanda Seyfried.

How to do it: Make a deep side part. Pro tip: If you normally wear your hair to the left, switch to the right, and vice versa. Styling your hair in the opposite direction of what it’s used to will give a bit of natural lift at the root, says Maggiore. Gather hair at the base of the neck and make a loose braid. Use an elastic the same color as your hair for a softer look. Then, with fingers, tug and separate the braid all over so it becomes messy and uneven—this final part is the key to the updated ‘do. You now have one of trendiest braids.

Products: Mousse (Garnier Fructis Style Volume Injection Mousse); Root Lifter (TIGI Catwalk Root Boost)

Source: Shine

Fish Tail

Fishtail braids may look difficult but it’s one of the many types of braid hairstyles that’s actually quite easy. Celebrities like Dianna Agron and Diane Kruger are rocking the fish braid look very well. Check out this how-to video!

Small Braid

Wear a small braid in an updo like Molly Sims.

Go for a bohemian hairstyle feel like Rachel Bilson. Bohemian hairstyles make for a great summer hair look and they’re very easy to do. Take a small section of hair down each side of your head and braid each one. To make the braid loose, run your fingers from the bottom to the top after you secure them. Take the two braids and pin them at the back of your head with a bobby pin and now you have your bohemian hair look!

Fun & Funky

Natasha Bedingfield rocker-chic braided look

I love Jada Pinkett funky braided hairstyle. She usually creates fun and distinctive hair look and this is one of my favorites.  Recreate her look!

Create Jada’s Braid:

  • Make a part, starting from behind the left ear to the right ear.
  • Then, create a deep right-side part leaving out the lesser hair.
  • Gather the front section of hair and tease the root to create texture and volume.
  • Add a texturizing volume spray at the root area for hold.
  • Braid the hair on the scalp from right to left all the way to the end.

Read the rest of this how-to at Hair On The Brain!

Have you ever tried any braided looks yet? Hopefully these styles will give you the inspiration needed to try this cool hair trend.

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