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MAC Naturally Makeup Collection for Winter 2011

by Diana Ajih on December 27, 2011

in MAC Cosmetics

mac naturally collection winter 2011

MAC Cosmetics just released another makeup collection for winter and I must say I’m super excited because this collection is more for the girl who wants a more natural appearance. This collection is so me! It’s perfect to wear during the day and it gives your face that flawless, glowing look. The lipstick and lipglass are my favorites among the collection. A delightful range of neutral tones only to be perfectly paired with a smokey eye look for night. MAC Naturally Makeup Collection for Winter 2011 launches January 5, 2012.

Hey, Nature Girl! For a look that is simple, sensuous and understatedly sexy, here are nothing-to-hide hues that make you look fresh, relaxed, gloriously “undone.” Brilliantly sheer, high-mineral Skinfinish make your look fresh-as-the-sun radiant. Lipsticks and Lipglass lushly tinted to reflect the wholesome. Eye Pencils with a touch of jojoba, mango and meadowfoam seed oils. M·A·C, Naturally is just what you need to do your own thing and keep your look, dreamily, down to earth…

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