Rock the Little Red Dress (via College Candy)

by Diana Ajih on December 1, 2010

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Guest post from my friends at College Candy!

It’s holiday time and at holiday time the LBD goes out the window (OK, not out the window. What a waste! More like to the back of the closet; we all know the LBD will be back by NYE) and in it’s place:

The LRD (the Little Red Dress).

From Thanksgiving to Christmas lord knows we are invited to tons of holiday parties. Some dressy and some a bit more casual. But either way, you can’t go wrong rockin’ an LRD. Nothing says “I’m Festive!” or “kiss me under the mistletoe, cute guy in the ugly sweater!” or “damn that peppermint/chocolate pretzel was good, spoon feed them to me please” like an LRD. Okay, so maybe the last one doesn’t need to be said in an LRD but, mmm, holiday chocolate.

Here are our favorite options for this year’s LRD. Check out the LRD here!

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