Product Review: GoClear Acne System

I never thought that after my teen years I would still be dealing with acne. Many women struggles with adult acne and it can be very frustrating to still not have an answer for your skin. I deal with my acne constantly and get occasional breakouts so I know how it feels. Luckily, I came across a product that has done wonders to my skin. It’s called GoClear and it’s a three step solution for acne sufferers.  It’s designed to treat mild adult acne.

I will admit, in the beginning I was a bit skeptical of using this product. I have oily skin that is prone to acne and it’s so difficult to find a product that can treat or at least control it. I’ve always jumped around and when I learned about GoClear, I thought to myself, “another acne product claiming to clear my skin.” I’ve tried so many acne products in the past and the results were always the same; It would irritate my skin, make it extremely dry, or make my acne worse. I feared the same for this product but I still gave it a chance. Surprisingly, after a few days of using GoClear, I saw results and I fell in love with the product. It has been a month now and my acne is in control and my skin looks fantastic but to be honest, my skin started to look better in just a few weeks.

Like I mentioned earlier, GoClear is a three-step solution. It includes:

  • a hydrating daily cleanser- removes impurities, makeup, and contains gentle exfoliating granules
  • an acne treatment gel Salicylic Acid 2%- designed for all-over-use.
  • a fast-absorbing, oil-free moisturizing sunscreen SPF 15- provides UVA/UVB sun protection, complexion-enhancing botanicals, and a matte finish.

Here’s more details about GoClear:

GoClear is an acne regimen designed to purify, clarify, balance, and protect the complexion. GoClear is committed to creating products work well for all types and tones of skin, and are free of potentially irritating ingredients, which can cause post-treatment dark spots for acne sufferers. The products in the 3-step Acne and Blemish Regimen do not contain alcohol, propylene glycol, lanolin, PABA, or artificial dye or fragrance, and are all oil free and allergy tested. GoClear does not formulate with benzoyl peroxide.

It also contains no:

– Sulfates

– Synthetic Fragrances

– Synthetic Dyes

– Petrochemicals

– Phthalates

– GMOs

– Triclosan

The products are so gentle on my skin.  I use the 3-step system day and night. The cleanser is fantastic. My skin feels super clean and the microbeads contained are gentle and leaves my skin soft.  The acne treatment is a gel and I apply only a very thin layer over my face. I use it day and night and it doesn’t dry my skin. My skin started to improve within a week or two. I love the moisturizing sunscreen because it’s very lightweight and it doesn’t leave my skin oily. I like how it leaves a matte finish and I use it as my primer before applying makeup. Overall, it’s a great product and I’m still surprised by how well GoClear worked for me. I’ve never been happier!

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Disclosure: Products were supplied to me by GoClear and no compensation was given to me for this post. Read my About Us page for Disclosure Policy.


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