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Ever since the launch of Pinterest, I’ve been obsessed with curating collections of my favorite things. If you look at my profile, you’ll see that the most popular is board is “Hair & Beauty” because I’m constantly inspired. I get lost in the sea of beautiful pins and often times I find myself staring at them wondering…”What color eyeshadow is that?” or “Where can I buy this lip liner?” If you frequently use Pinterest, then you know that a lot of times a pin is linked to the wrong url or it was directly uploaded to the site and you’re like, “Great, I just found this amazing image and there’s no information on it.” It’s so annoying, right? Well recently I’ve learned of a new site that offers users a new way to share beauty and discover amazing products and it’s called Pampadour.

What is Pampadour?

Pampadour is an interactive social media site where you can give and get advice on products, tools, and techniques for looking your best or in other words a site exclusively for beauty lovers. I’ve been playing around the site for a couple of days now and it has defnitely changed the way I shop online. I love that it’s exclusive to beauty fanatics, like myself. If there’s an eye makeup or nail design that I’m currently coveting on the site, I no longer have to wonder what products were used to inspire the look and with the ClipIt, PampIt, and TagIt tools, it will forever be in my Pampadour profile.

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With the TagIt button, users can upload a photo or video and TagIt with products used or that inspire the look. All you do is click on the TagIt button, search for a product then drag it to your photo. Pretty simple right? This feature alone is why I love this site so much.

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With the ClipIt button, you can clip images and products from the web and make it part of your profile. It’s a much simpler process because it eliminates the need to right click, save, and upload.

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With the PampIt button, you can share beauty products, photos and videos or collect them in your profile.

Lastly, if you adour a product that someone else has put up but don’t necessarily want to add it to your profile, then you can like or “heart” it with the AdourIt button.


Right now, Pampadour is holding a contest for users to win a LORAC Pro Eye Makeup Palette. LORAC’s legendary PRO Palette is the quintessential set of shadows for fall. The 16 matte and shimmery shadows, ranging from white to Slate, are perfect for creating unique, ultra-pigmented looks – day or night! 

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How to Enter:

To enter, first you must sign up for a Pampadour account. Then post your favorite fall beauty products to the Pampadour feed using the hashtag #fallbeauty. They encourage and welcome multiple entries.

For those still having trouble on how to find a product to PAMP, then follow this quick guide:

1. Click on “Pamp Products” and search for a product.

2. Then select “To the Feed”

3. In the message box, talk about the product and add the hashtag #fallbeauty

4. Then click “Submit”

The contest will run until Tuesday, September 30, 2014. For official rules, you can head to the blog by clicking here.

I hope you have fun discovering new beauty products and good luck!!

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