Stay Beautiful With This Works Travel Kit

this works travel setWill you be traveling this holiday season? I know I will and because I am such a beauty and skincare buff, I think it’s important to pack all your necessary products that will keep you looking beautiful during your travels. Now, let me guess… You don’t want to carry a great load of products or maybe you feel that it’s not important. Well I say you should always strive to look your best. Besides, no need to worry about carrying a bag full of products. Let’s just say that before I take off, I make sure to bring my beauty travel kit with me. Which travel kit am I referring to you might wonder?

Well…I don’t leave home without This Works Travel Kit ($59). This miracle travel kit should be every woman’s travel companion. This 8 piece kit contains all the essential beauty products during your long or short travels.

These 8 miracle products contains:

  • Turbo Balm- The sweet smell of cocoa butter and rose lip balm
  • Quick Spritz- A face and body spray made of Palmrosa and Rosewood
  • One for All- A roller ball made from pure Lavender and Coconut Oil- Great to use as an antiseptic and soothing relief.
  • Breathe in- A roller ball made from Eucalyptus and Frankincense- Useful for clearing the head or feeling rundown.
  • Stay Cool Eye Serum- A blend of aloe vera, cucumber, and arnica
  • Enjoy Really Rich Lotion- A strong, and rich scented lotion that includes 8 essential oils and pure rose water.
  • Deep Calm Bath and Shower Oil- A combination that will help you relax, unwind, and sleep better. The Bath and Shower oil contains a energy burst of Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, and Geranium.

I love this kit. It has everything that keeps me staying fabulous while flying. Now you can pamper yourself too and stay looking fabulous from takeoff to landing and beyond. This beauty works! Get your own kit at

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