How to Get Kate Bosworth Mohawk-Inspired Braid

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We love a good braided hairstyle and when we saw this plaited look from Kate Botsworth last night at the premiere of her new movie Big Sur, we just had to know how the stylist created this gorgeous look. This mohawk-inspired braid was polished with a hint of  edge.

From the front, it looks simple and classy. Yet from the back very complexed. It’s such a cool look!

How to Get Her Mohawk-Inspired Braid

On creating this innovative look, Hairstylist Renato Campora explained,

“I was inspired by a book of photographs from photographer J.D. ‘Okhai Ojeikere. It is full of the most beautiful, sculptural hairstyles I have ever seen.”

We agree and here’s how to copy this look!

kate bosworth mohawk braid 02

Step 1. Campora prepped Kate’s hair with Serge Normant’s Meta Form Sculpting Pomade to make her hair easier to braid with.

Step 2. Next he divided her hair into 3 parts from her temple to the nape of her neck: the crown, and two sctions from the left and right. “I brushed the left and right sections down, keeping the hair slick and clean, ” he says. “Then I joined them together with a small rubber band to create a baby ponytail.”

Step 3. Campora braided this section and secured it with a small elastic, like Goody Girls’Mini/Small Clear Latex Elastics.

Step 4. He divided the crown section into 3 parts and braided each one downward and secured with a small elastic.

Step 5. He then blended the braids into a ponytail, wrapped her braids in an upward fashion, and pinned everything in place with bobby pins.

The spotlight was on Kate’s hair so makeup artist kept her makeup minimal. He use SK-II Facial Treatment Foundation for a radiant complexion and lighter eyeshadows in the Dolce & Gabbana Eye Shadow Quad in Femme Fatale palette.

What do you think of Kate’s braided up ‘do?


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