17 Pantry Organization Ideas For An Organized Kitchen

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pantry organization ideas

When it comes to the physical arrangement of your kitchen, your pantry is very important. This is where you keep the food containers and kitchen supplies. In short, the pantry frees your cupboard from clutter. Since the kitchen is the central piece of the house, it’s bound to get congested with food items and cooking tools. This means disorganization and insufficient kitchen space. Fortunately, there are ways to arrange your kitchen, and below are 17 pantry organization ideas that you can copy.

1. Plastic Storage Bins

If you have plastic bins that you are not using, you can put them into better use. You can utilize them to collect items in your kitchen. The storage bins are cheaper and versatile. This means that you can easily repurpose them. You should try organizing your pantry using these bins, and you’ll notice how great your kitchen will look.

2. Wicker Baskets

wicker baskets

Ordinarily, the wicker baskets are kept for decorations purposes. However, the baskets offer you more than this. You can use them to organize your kitchen items while freeing up extra pantry space. The baskets are available in different forms and sizes, and you can select the type that you fancy. You can use the baskets to store beverages, bread, and other kitchen supplies.

3. Magazine Holders

This setup is for storing your canned foods. The magazine holders are an attractive feature to introduce in the kitchen. You are expected to place the food cans on the sides of the holders so as to easily grab them. In the end, your pantry is orderly and your kitchen appears organized and pretty. The idea is simple to implement in your kitchen.

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4. Pocket Organizers

This idea is meant to repurpose and redesign your unused shoe rack by hanging it on the corner or on the pantry door. Anything that looks like clutter can be kept in the pocket organizers. This includes cooking spray, packet dips, tea box, powdered juices, gravy mix, and cling wraps. All these items are easy to insert into the pocket organizer and you can grab them cheaply.

5. Wire Shelves

Instead of keeping your opened snack bags in the refrigerator, you should try clipping them on the wire shelves. You can hang opened popcorns, chips, and pretzels bags. Other than holding the snack bags, the wire shelves seals them and protects the snacks from going bad. So next time you open a bag of snack that you cannot finish, clip it on the wire shelves for future intake.

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6. Wire Baskets

If you are looking for a creative way to store your kitchen produce, the wire baskets are an ideal setup. The baskets are great because they allow free flow of air. This helps your vegetables and fruits remain fresh. The baskets also drain the washed produce. You can hang the baskets or stack them on the shelves. Overall, the setting is a great way to open up your pantry. With these baskets, you’ll notice a big difference in the organization of your kitchen.

7. Clear Containers

clear containers the social home

via The Social Home

These clear containers are designed to offer you easy storage of the kitchen supplies, and to free your kitchen from clutter. They are a great addition to your pantry. The containers can be used to hold breadcrumbs, grains, flour, oats, seeds, and any dry supplies. The containers are a great way to store your food supplies without consuming much of your kitchen space. You can copy this idea and achieve better pantry organization.

8. Cabinet Door Storage


via That’s What Che Said

You can create storage room on the inside of your cabinet door. The idea is a perfect one for storing items that you use more often in the kitchen and want to access them easily. They may include school snacks, spices, and cooking tools. This is a simple DIY project and all you need is to create pocket stores in your kitchen’s cabinet doors. It’s a nice way to safely store your kitchen supplies.

9. Clear Cereal Containers

Say goodbye to piles of cardboard boxes for storing cookies, biscuits, and cereals. This idea will help you arrange your food supplies creatively while making more spaces in the kitchen. You can transfer the food items from their respective boxes to the clear containers. The containers are inexpensive. So, it will be easy for you to introduce them in your kitchen.

10. Chalkboard Pantry Door

diy chalkboard door freckled laundry

via Freckled Laundry

Generally, kids adore the chalkboard and you will too. You will enjoy jotting down your list of grocery items on the pantry door. All the other members of your household can also indicate something on the board. You can also write special messages for special days such as “Happy Birthday.” With such features, it becomes easy to know what produce is found behind the pantry door.

11. Snack Station

If you have children, you must know the importance of stationing a snack point in your house. For you to create one, you’ll need vast food containers. You’ll then be required to fill them with snacks that you consider healthy for your kids and station them where they can see them. When the snacks are not needed, you can store the containers on the shelves and get to save your counter space.

12. Small Cart

The feature is to be incorporated into smaller spaces. You can use the carts to store various kitchen supplies. The cart can also be used in houses which lack the pantry since it’s a good alternative to the actual thing.

13. Lazy Susan

lazy susan decor chick

via Decor Chick

Are you looking for fun-induced pantry organization ideas? Adding Lazy Susan to your kitchen is an interesting thought. The idea is meant to help you convert an empty space in your room into a usable one. You can organize items, such as condiments, can foods, spices, and cereals.

14. Exploit your Cabinets

When most people hear of the term pantry, they think of it as a separate space for storing food. However, you don’t need the extra space to organize your kitchen items. You can create pantry space from your existing cabinets. You have the freedom to select the top or the bottom drawers and label them according to the food stored. This is how you create a perfect pantry in your kitchen.

15. Towel Bar

Did you know that you could hang a towel bar in your kitchen to hold your cleaners? Well, you can, and the feature is great for holding spray bottles and detergents. The setup is attractive and perfect for your contemporary kitchen. You not only decongest your kitchen but you also arrange your cleaners in a stylish manner.

16. Pop Up Shelves

To optimize your unused cabinet spaces, you can create pop up shelves. The shelves are great for low profile kitchen items such as the dishes. With the shelves, your ordinary become fashionable and more organized. The pop up shelves are a DIY projects, and this means that they will not cost you much to install.

17. Pegboards

pegboard diy kitchen rice design blog

via Rice Design Kitchen

Pegboards are popular among the professional kitchen organizers mainly because they are easier to access and they give the kitchen a neat look. You can use the pegboards to hang cooking utensils. They will free up enormous spaces in your kitchen, and in the long run, your room will look organized. The pegboards are readily available on the market and they can be matched with any decor theme. This means that you can get a perfect choice for your kitchen.

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t matter how small or big your pantry looks, organizing it makes it more attractive. An arranged pantry is not only appealing but it also makes life easy for you. You get to access the supplies and kitchen tools effortlessly as you enjoy more kitchen space. You can implement any of the 17 pantry organization ideas and change the landscape of your kitchen.


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