Beauty Product Review: L’Oreal Extra-Volume Collagen Mascara

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Another mascara to review and this time it’s from L’Oreal.  I love trying out different mascaras so let’s see if this mascara is a go!

L’Oreal Extra-Volume Collagen Mascara claims:

  • All day wear
  • No Clumping
  • No Flakes
  • No Smudges
  • Custom designed brush to grab each and every lash
  • Extreme Volume (12x the volume)

My thoughts: It’s a great brush but not spectacular. I do agree that the brush grabs every lash and I like how there wasn’t excess mascara on the brush. I didn’t see any clumps or flakes but little smudging. Now as far as the volume, it didn’t wow me! It claims to have collagen technology to plump lashes up to 12x the natural volume but I definitely didn’t see extreme volume. I loved the packaging however and the price was not bad. It retailed for $6.49 at Target.

My Rating: I give it a 3/5. I wouldn’t recommend it because I know there are much better mascaras out there that will give your lashes that needed volume. I don’t completely dislike it either which is why I still have it. It’s just another average mascara in my eyes.

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