Clinique Quickliner Intense For an Even More Smoldering Stare

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I’ve recently made the tricky transition from pencil liner to liquid liner for my daily beautifying routine. After all, I love how liquid liner boasts a significantly more concentrated color, providing a much more stark contrast to my eyeshadow… but I don’t love that the application requires significantly more concentration, time, and steadiness, leaving no room for error. Naturally, I’m not alone in this love-hate sentiment towards liquid liner, and the folks at Clinique have heard our unspoken prayers and answered them with a handy new product. Quickliner for Eyes Intense is an amped-up version of their original Quickliner – same easy glide-on formula that applies as easily as a pencil liner – but this time with the color intensity of a liquid! With five shades under its belt, Clinique Quickliner for Eyes Intense gives us that look-at-me definition without requiring the steady hand and practiced skill required of most liquid liners, and lasts even longer than its product predecessor to boot! And for only $15 a pop, you might as well stock up on all 5 shades!

– Alexandra Gambardella

Guest post from my friends over at The Find!

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