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Who doesn’t love how mascaras give your eyes that hot, sexy look. Want to obtain great eyelashes, well here’s BeautyHealth’s secret to hot lashes. I can’t live without DiorShow mascara. It’s one of the best mascara I have come across. I’ve been using DiorShow mascara for a year now and it has done wonders to my eyes. It gives my eyelashes super volume, it lengthens, and curls it perfectly. I definitely feel I have an ultra glam “just off the runway” look. It takes little effort to look good using it and I don’t even use a mirror to apply it. The best part about DiorShow mascara: No smudges, no flakes. Now, it is quite costly ($24.00) and I can’t by it at a RiteAid at 2am but in the end of the day, I obtain gorgeous lashes so who cares if you spend a little more to achieve great set of lashes. Again, great product to use, and it definitely enhances your beauty if just using this product alone. So it’s a winner! Dior DiorShow Mascara

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