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Lining & Defining Made Simpler With These Liquid Liner Pen

Guest post from my friends at The Find!

Let’s face it — no matter how much practice you’ve had, or how adept you’ve become in your makeup application process, liquid eyeliner can still be pretty tricky. I mean, not only can the slightest slip or shake of the hand totally throw you off your game, but its distinct, harsh lines make it much harder to cover up a job not-so-well done. But as intimidating as it can be, liquid liner creates that bold, defined look that you can’t achieve in quite the same way with an easier-to-use pencil…. so the solution? Liquid liner pens, which pack the punch of a liquid liner in a less wobbly, more precise felt-tip applicator! It totally makes sense, after all – it’s a lot easier to be exact with a pen than it is with a brush, so just think of it as a tracing exercise, and the feat of lining eyes the liquid way is a much less daunting feat!

From left to right: Lancome Liner Precis Automatic Liquid Eyelining Pen, Pola Aniak Knock Pen Liner, Stila Liquid Eye Liner, Cover Girl Line Exact Liquid Eyeliner, and Shiseido ‘The Makeup’ Fine Eyeliner.

– Alex Gambardella

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