MAC False Lashes Mascara For Longer REAL Fringe!

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I’ll admit it, as much of a nuisance as they can be to put on (especially after a glass or two of wine), and the sticky, glue-in-your-lashes aftermath upon removal, I’m addicted to false lashes. Something as simple as elongated, thicker fringe can do wonders for adding a feminine boost to your face, even when wearing minimal makeup on the rest of your face! And as long as they’re kept under control (no Vegas-length lashes for a simple night on the town!), they’re a fun beauty tool to experiment with. But mascara that can get me the dramatic look without the falsies and glue? I’m skeptical, but I won’t knock it till I try it! MAC Cosmetics False Lashes Mascara hit the shelves for a limited-edition stint at the beauty counters during last holiday season and now it’s back in full force to jazz up our summer nights out. After trying it out this MAC mascara myself, I have to say I do love the ultra-dark tint and the way it didn’t clump like other thickening formulas, but I have to face it — it’s not a miracle worker, of course. It may be the most lush my lashes will get without a little extra help from falsies, but I won’t be giving up my fake lash habit anytime soon!

– Alex Gambardella

Guest post from my friends at The Find!

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  1. Aaaah… the old obsession of girls.. long eye lashes. Why is it that all girls long for long eyelashes? Don’t you girls know that guys are looking for that natural look in a girl?

    And too much mascara and make-up is kind of a turn-off for most guys… but I guess it depends on what type of guys you want to impress…

    My girlfriend always says to me that she wishes she had my eye lashes… I don;t know why but I have very long eye lashes, inherited form my mother I guess… anyway.. I like to tease my gf about this topic.. hihi

    She has to spend half an hour to apply fake eyelashes or put on mascara just to make her lashes almost as long as mine… 😀

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