Shu Uemura Fall 2008 Makeup Collection:Instinct

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Shu Uemura new Fall Mode Makeup Collection: Instinct is here!

Stimulate your instincts with shu uemura’s Fall Mode Makeup Collection! Explore these layerable, sensual and iridescent shades of Fall to discover your own make-up expression! Staying true to shu uemura’s heritage of innovative and conceptual design, each item is encased within palettes of silver, gold and black motifs, expressing the modernism and elegance of the collection’s femininity.

They really have some great colors in this Fall Collection. The Mystifier Duo color eyeshadow set really caught my attention at first glance. The shades of dark green and brownish bronze in this limited edition looks very glamorous and luxurious. To be honest, all of their eyeshadows looks gorgeous.

Check out this collection and tell me what you think.

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