Introducing Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Color for Fall 2011

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The NEW Shiseido Makeup Shimmering Cream Eye Color for fall 2011 is inspired by Dick Page’s photography and global travels. It glides over the eyelids creating a luxe and high pigmented look fast.  The Shimmering Cream Eye Color delivers strong color definition so need no for an eye shadow base or powder shadow on top. When it comes to unprecedented luster and lasting brilliance, this long-wearing cream eye shadow performance is beyond exceptional.

Other great features- The lightweight, cream shimmer eyeshadow leaves a dewy, smudge-free finish that won’t fade or crease for up to 16 hours. It’s always satisfying to find a wide range of eye colors that won’t fade and will last for hours.

With light-capturing power to outshine jewels, these shadows are smooth, blendable and remain stunning all day long using a combination of unique technologies including:

  • Jewel Reflecting Powder- a shimmering, smooth base that emits intense radiance.
  • Smooth Fit Base- a patent-pending emulsification technology that quickly removes excess oil and water after applying. What’s left behind on the lids are the essential reflecting pearls and moisturizing ingredients.
  • Super Hydro-Wrap Vitalizing DE- A moisturizing ingredient that improves dryness to keep your eyes looking fresh all day long.

Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Color comes in 12 stunning shades (Model Raquel Zimmermann is wearing VI 305 Purple Dawn and PK 302 Magnolia in the pictures above):

Shimmering Cream Eye Color (Retail $26.00)

  • WT 901 Mist- Soft pearly white
  • PK 302 Magnolia- Fresh bright pink
  • GD 803 Techno Gold- Brilliant yellow gold
  • BE 204 Meadow- Warm, glowing beige
  • VI 305 Purple Dawn- Intense violet
  • BR 306 Leather- Rich, reddish brown
  • GR 707 Patina- Lustrous metallic bronze
  • GR 708 Moss- Vibrant bright green
  • BR 709 Sable- Luxurious taupe
  • SV 810 Tin- Rich silver
  • BL 711 Angel- Deep, teal-toned blue
  • BK 912 Caviar- Glossy, shimmering black
Shiseido’s new Shimmering Cream Eye Color for Fall 2011 is available now at all Shiseido counters as well as online at,,,, and Each color retails for $26.

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