Stila’s New Scent Woman Shall Adore

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woman scentStila’s new scent, Stila Mandarin Mist($36) is a sweet and fresh scent that will keep you feeling happy during the stressful times. With the economy hitting rock bottom, which just happened to roll over into the holiday season, we all could use a little bit of a stress reliever in our lives. Wouldn’t you say? This scent has perked me up and maybe it will for you. This light and sweet citrus scent has a great mix of mimosa and yuzu fruit. A scent woman shall love that’s perfect on a good or bad day.

What I love about this fresh scent is that it’s light. I hate fragrances that’s too overpowering. This fantastic woman scent will last all day. Another great gift item for the holiday season. It’s definitely on my gift list. I highly recommend putting it on your gift list too. You can find Stila’s Mandarin Mist at

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  1. I’ve been using this stuff for about 3 years now and I definitely notice a difference when I wear it.

    Pheromones makes you feel more confident; and everyone is attracted to your confidence.
    Whether it is a placebo effect or is actually the pheromones that make you feel more confident.

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