Beauty Health Review: Smooth Away Hair Inhibitor Moisturizer

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If you remember, I wrote a review on Smooth Away Hair Removal System and now I’ve had the opportunity to try Smooth Away Hair Inhibitor Moisturizer which is used in conjunction with Smooth Away. This hair inhibiting moisturizer moisturizes for smooth and soft skin. It also contains a botanical extracts to inhibit hair growth and to prevent future ones from developing. It’s best to use after hair removal.

I’ve been using this cream for about 3 weeks now and for the most part, I do like how the cream effectively moisturizes my legs. It feels very soft and silky smooth, so I give them an A on there part. It has a normal scent. Nothing that caught my attention but not overwhelming. As far as its inhibiting effects, I have yet to see that; however, the product does say that one should notice less hair after 61 days. So, it’s too soon to tell right now but I’m hoping that it will perform what it claims. Overall, the hair inhibiting moisturizer is looking good so far and hopefully I can see a difference overtime.

You can find Smooth Away Hair Inhibitor Moisturizer at Good product to try!

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