Review: Smooth Away Hair Removal Kit (As Seen On TV)

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as seen on tvA couple of weeks ago, I stopped by a CVS store and I stumbled across a product called Smooth Away. You’ve all heard of it. It’s another AS Seen On TV product that’s an alternative to shaving, waxing, and tweezing.

I’m always skeptical about As Seen On TV products because I feel that most of them are pure gimmicks that don’t perform, and is just another way to steal people’s money. The so-called “miracle” products that ends up disappointing in the end. I would know, since I’ve been a victim to some of these horrors in the past. But, I was curious about this particular product. To be honest, I hate shaving, and waxing is just painful. If I could find an alternative solution to my hair removal dilemmas, then I would go out of my way to try it. So, I decided to take this one chance, and be a victim “yet again” to purchasing an As Seen On TV product and give Smooth Away a go.

Before I get to my review, let me give a little background information on Smooth Away and how it removes unwanted hair. Smooth Away is a European made product that buffs away unwanted hair. It’s a pad covered with superfine crystals that buffs away the hair leaving it soft and smooth. Here are some other benefits of the product:

  • It exfoliate as you use itas seen on tv
  • Perfect for sensitive areas
  • Easy, safe, and painless
  • can use on any part of your body

The Smooth Away Kit comes with one large pad for larger areas, and one small pad for smaller areas like the upper lip. Sounds great so far right?

My review: Ok, so let me just say first that when I opened the box, I observed the pad and I said to myself “There’s no way this pad can get rid of my leg hair.” Boy was I WRONG! I couldn’t believe that it removed my hair. I was completely shocked. The pad was very gentle on my skin. I followed the simple directions in the kit and voila…. all gone. My skin was left soft in most of the areas. Here’s another positive thing about this product. It’s been two weeks since I used this product and my leg is still 50% hairless. Only a few hairs have started to slowly grow back and they are very fine hairs too.

Now here are the drawbacks: The process is quite time consuming. I took me 20 minutes to do one leg. That’s not impressive! Also, it left a bit of friction burn in one small area which was quite painful. If you over do it, you will hurt yourself.

This is quite the lesson learned. Smooth Away deserves a 3.5/5 rating from my experience of using it. Yes, it did remove the hair, it’s easy to use, and it works on different areas of the body; however, it’s a bit time consuming. This is a good investment to try for your skin ($10.99) price wise or before opting for a more expensive hair removal product. Who knows it might work for you! If not, just stick to waxing or shaving.

****Update- I just want to mention that Smooth Away may or may not work for everyone. I’ve gotten mixed reviews on this product. Luckily it worked for me, but I have fine hair and everyone’s hair is different. This review is to show my own personal take on this product only and not to convince anyone that it’s a “miracle product”. The point is to get a conversation going so I’m happy to hear any positive and negative comments on this product not only for myself but for potential readers. Thanks again for stopping by my blog.


  1. Your kidding me! I do believe that it worked on you, but my legs are the equivalent to sasquatche legs and I very much doubt this product would ever work on me. If I ever bump into this item, when next I go to CVS, I will get back to you with my report.

  2. Smooth Away does not work for everybody!

    My husband *insisted* that I get it because he is too cheap to spring for laser hair removal (which would have saved me money in the long run and the hairs would be permanently gone!).

    When I got it in the mail, I wanted to try it right away. It took me 20 minutes to remove my facial hair, and, even then, all I was left with was stubble because the pad had already worn out (and yes, I did follow instructions to the letter). A couple of days later my face was sore from all the exfoliating it did, something I expected and was satisfied with. And it did make the scars on my face (formed from bruises from plucking the hairs with tweezers) softer. That's the only thing that's good about it in my book.

    The hairs that were fully removed with this product grew back 2-3 days later and felt worse than my hubby's 5-o'clock shadow. As for trying to remove hair from my armpits, fuggedaboudit! I had to use two pads in one session, and there was still hair left over.

    I hate to talk negatively about anything, but I will never be sucked in by a TV ad again for hair removal. I'll just save my money for the lasers.

  3. Thanks for letting me know. I didn't expect it to work on everyone since everyone's hair is different. Sometimes you just have to try it out and maybe it will work and maybe it won't. I have some friends that have used it. Some complained and some didn't. I guess laser hair removal is your best bet. Hopefully that will work for you and give you the results you want. Good luck!

  4. I am mixed about this i saw it on T.V. and wanted to get it but was apprehensive to call up. Good thing i didnt call since i have really course hair at least on my legs. I dont have the patients to wait 20 mins and dont want to opt out to pay 14.9something. But beware i have heard that lazer treatments are not that safe either( depending on the Dr. that you see.) DO the research on anything that you are going to try for the first time, as lazer treatment or anything of the sorts. TRY threading it hurts a little but for face and eyebrows it lasts a really long time.

  5. I had to LOL when I first saw this product advertised for as much as $20+ S&H! I'm 60 years old and my Mom used to buy what they called 'way back then “emery paper” from the five-and-dime store for like a nickel for a package of five. It was all she ever used to get rid of her upper-lip and leg hair. Her own Mom (who was born in 1878!) taught my Mom how to use them correctly: three light circles in one direction, three light circles in the opposite direction, until the hair is gone. That way, those “emery papers” didn't irritate your skin. I wonder if a piece of extra-super-fine grit sandpaper, available at any hardware store for peanuts, and used very very carefully, would work just as well as today's overpriced version of what I know is an absolutely ANCIENT hair-removal method!

  6. At 51, I've been shaving for a long time now, and I am opting to switch to alternating between my shaver and the smooth away. I Hate waxing, and can't afford laser, and since this is under $10, it's an easy option. Using my razor in intervals keeps my skin from becoming 'over exfoliated' and saves me time. More importantly, I have a developmentally challenged daughter that can't use a razor, or topical hair removing lotions, so this is a great alternative for her.

  7. I ordered this product it does not work at all.
    It makes your skin smooth, but leaves your skin ashy and red AND IT DOESN'T REMOVE ANY HAIR..
    plus by the way this company supports savings2go scam look it up on google for the details

  8. Hi all! I have to say, that with patience, this product should remove most hair. I have very thick, corse hair on thighs, so it did not work there (or the bikini area), but everywhere else, it worked great. Actually, for unwanted facial hair, it has been a godsend, turning what used to be a issue in my life into a minor annoyance. Plan on doing it as often as you have to do anything else, though. If you need to wax twice a week, you will need to do this twice a week. If you pluck daily, you will have to do this daily (I am talking facial hair). For the legs, it is just too much work in my opinion, but I think taking the ten minutes to do my arms is well worth it, and I only have to do them every other week or so. Also, Bed Bath and Beyond now sells refill packs of the sand paper for $9.99, which comes with 12 large pads and 6 small. And I actually discovered that I prefer to use them with out the plastic holder! Good luck all!

  9. I was skeptical at first (way easy and too good to be true usually IS especially with the majority of “as seen on TV” products!) but wanted to try Smooth Away cuz as I've gotten older, my skin has become more sensative to the point where I always get razor burn using a blade, and due to my really course leghair an electric razor just doesn't do the job without still leaving stubble. I bought Smooth Away at a local CVS store and used it that evening even after shaving with my electric razor just that morning. WOW, was I pleasantly surprised – it got rid of the stubble and my legs feel velvety smooth now, and the best part is absolutely no skin irritation! I even used in on my arms, and even tho the instructions tell us it works best on hair less than 1/4″ long, it took all that off too. I'd always used a cream dipilatory on my arms but lately those have all caused such itching I'd stopped using them. I'm sure Smooth Away probably doesn't work this well for everyone, but I'm VERY happy with the results I got from it and am recommending it to all my friends. I feel like a “soft, not so hairy girl” again at age 60 – what an ego booster – LOL! Only time will tell how the hair will grow back – course as with shaving or the more natural, softer “fuzz”? And, will the hair grow back as fast as with the more conventional shaving? No matter, I'm used to “course” and as long as this product continues to work so well I'll be a lifetime user. My only fear is if it isn't aggressively advertised, the product will disappear from the marketplace. Think I'll order enough replacement pads to last me lots of years so I'll never run out. I'm anxious to try it out on my upper lip and chin next – that'll be the ulitmate test for stubble and irritation-free skin! A suggestion – target baby boomers with your advertising – as we get older, we've got embarrassing hair growing where we never had it before, and at least for me, it's turned out to be a Godsend! Thank you SO much for making such a great product.

  10. PLEASE don't use sandpaper, superfine as it might be! I tried that and my legs immediately turned inflamed and felt like a bad sunburn – thank goodness I only tried it on a small area! I don't know what the Smooth Away pads are made of, but if you look at them, whatever is on them is smooth as velvet.

  11. My husband *insisted* that I get it because he is too cheap to spring for laser hair removal (which would have saved me money in the long run and the hairs would be permanently gone!).

  12. I would highly recommend try using the threading method, mostly known by eyebrow threading. You can actually thread any part of your body, but if you want to try threading your own eyebrows search for eyebrow threading video on info on how to do so.

  13. girlfriend wants me smooth all over. is it safe for a guy to use Smooth Away on his butt and groin area? i know it says it can be used on sensitive areas, but i want to be sure before i use it on the boys. any information would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

  14. girlfriend wants me smooth all over. is it safe for a guy to use Smooth Away on his butt and groin area? i know it says it can be used on sensitive areas, but i want to be sure before i use it on the boys. any information would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

  15. I bought this product today, and as i live in the UK , i found it in poundland , the large pad and small pad with 4 large refills, and 4 small refills all for £1!!

    I got it home and decided to try it straight away. I decided to do my legs as the hair was shortest on them. At first when I started to do my legs , they felt incredibly smooth, but it takes A LOT of time to do your legs, and over exfoliating leaves them rather painful as I found out. however, they are incredibly smooth all over, and hair free.

    I just applied moisturizer as instructed , and the pain has gone, and they feel great!
    I definitely recommend this product 🙂

  16. I bought a package of Smooth Aways. I obviously tried it right away. I LUV IT. It took a little while but the results were amazing. It does make your skin really soft. The two drawbacks for me was that it did sting my upper lip and also it was time consuming.

  17. i've tried this. i think it depends on your skin sensitivity. it works on me pretty well exfoliates the skin and removes hair. it's actually better to use after waxing sort of like maintenance to slow down hair growth. takes me 3-5mins tops to use. it will take longer if the hair is longer.

  18. i just used this for the first time

    i had a lot of hair that i could almost plait it and it took it all off and left my skin feeling soft and smooth

    im not sure how long it will last but i love this product

    now i feel cold on my arms because the hair like a blanket now its all gone

    i hate waxing and this is painless 🙂 which was great

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