Sexy Hair Color Ideas and Trends: How to Find The Perfect Shade For Your Skin

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Looking for hair color ideas? I am too! To bring in the New Year, I’ve decided to tweak my image with a new hair color. Nothing drastic but I ‘m trying to decide on a shade that will compliment my skin. So, what are the hottest hair color trends at the moment?

Well…When picking a new hair color, always find one that is best for your skin tone.

Choosing Your Skintone: Warm or Cool

Warm Skintone:

Those with warm skintones have a yellow or golden undertone. The skin will be pale with peach or golden undertones; Brown with pink, butterscotch, copper, caramel, or golden undertones (Hispanics or African Americans). The natural hair color is red, golden brown, deep brown, natural golden blonde and strawberry blonde.

Cool Skintone:

People with cool skintones has pale skin with bluish, pink, or no undertones. Medium with pink, golden or no cheek color, very dark brown Hispanics and African American) or olive skintones (Asian). The hair color is naturally bluish black, medium ash blonde, golden blonde or dark brown.

Still confused? A quick way to discover you skintone is by looking at the veins in your arms. If they look blue- you’re cool. If they look green- you’re warm. Also 2 tone hair color ideas can work for both skintones too.

But which hair color is best for me?

A terrific way to find your perfect shade is by looking at celebrities hair and skin tone. Magazines and hair coloring ideas books are another way to find sexy hair colors.

Find out how The Hairstyler gives style and inspiration from celebrities with over 1000’s of virtual hairstyles!

Brunette Hair Color Ideas

Is Brown Right for you?

Brunette is a very popular hair color idea because it looks great with most skin tones and your hair’s shine is more noticeable. There is some upkeep to stop it from looking faded out; but, there are several hair products out there that can help maintain your best brunette hair color.

Brunette is best if …

  • You’re already a brunette- Your natural black hair color can be more vibrant by adding richer browns.
  • Want a low-maintenance hair color- The upkeep is fairly easy compared to other shades unless you’re naturally blonde. At-home kits are great for management if you hate frequent trips to the salon.
  • Damaged hair- Darker hair is terrific at hiding breakage and flaws because the color reflects light best.

Check out these dark hair color ideas for brunettes!

Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Is Blonde Right for you?

Blond hair is not an easy color to use if you’ve done some permanent coloring in the past. It can be quite damaging to the hair if not done properly. Also, it is not a look for everyone so before you decide to grab the bleach, read these interesting facts on blond hair. Having blond hair needs a lot more management especially when your roots start showing (Not a good look). Also, your cool blond hair color can fade with frequent sunlight or heat. Going from brown to blond is very risky so if you do decide to go blond, let a professional help you find your best blonde hair color. Also, there are so many blonde hair shades to choose from so sometimes its best to match your skintone with a celeb.

Blonde is best if…

  • You’re naturally blonde- You have the right skin tone to continue pulling off the look.
  • Cost of maintenance doesn’t bother you- It’s not cheap being a blonde especially if you have really blonde hair or dark blonde hair color. Regular touch-ups and products are necessary if you have blonde hair with dark roots. You’ve been warned!
  • You’re an attention getter- Different blonde hair colors are popular and has been known as a shade most men prefer but, this is often debatable.

Check out these blonde hair colour ideas!

Red Hair Color Ideas

Is Red Right for you?

Red hair is being requested more and more these days. People usually associate red hair with being plump and freckly but that is not the case at all! It’s a very sexy look and more celebs are firing up their hair. It’s certainly one of the hottest hair colour ideas for someone who likes to be the center of attention. Trust me… you’ll get stares!

Red is best if…

  • You have pink undertones- With so many shades, red can look great on most women but best on women with pinkish or cool skin.
  • Loves the stares- Like I mentioned earlier, people will turn their heads so you must have confidence to pull off this look.
  • Your hair is fairly good- The red color grabs on to your strands better if they’re not dry or damaged. The more healthy it is, the more radiant your hair can become.

Check out these red hair colour ideas from top celebs!

So, now you have an idea on sexy hair color trends and hopefully these celebrity hair color pictures gave you inspiration for your next hair coloring appointment. Planning to change your hair color to unveil a new you this year? Tell me your thoughts!

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  1. Different men prefer different things in women. Who has actually proved that men like brunettes better? Not you, so please keep your blonde-hating comments to yourself.

  2. I’m still a little confused about my hair color. I had very blonde hair when i was little, and my hair has slowly turned dark brown. I’ve always had really light skin and a little redness in my face… Should I stick with the dark hair, or go lighter?

  3. Hi there! When I say pale skin I mean super pale to the point where you can see your veins. Pale, translucent skin against jet black hair can make your skin look washed out and even make you look older. I love Dita's “snow white” look but I would say her skin tone is more fair-skinned than pale.

  4. ah you see i have what id consider incredibly pale pink coll toned skin, although on my face no veins show freckles either. Its whats called alabaster skin i think. Anyway ive always been complimented when i have raven black hair, more so than my natural blonde hair which always made me look drained.

  5. I checked your site out which is great by the way, and your skin is very similar to dita's fair-skin. I think Jet Black hair is the only exception for dark shades on pale skin. Any black color with brown undertones would not be a great choice. It just wouldn't compliment your fair skin enough.

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  7. well im a natural red head and i get complements but i feel like my hair is just to boring and is getting old, i would love to go blonde but a darker color under the blonde maybe brown or black i like that look but idk if it would look good on me ive been told it would but im just not sure?? what do you think??

  8. uhh men perfer to marry brunettes and date blondes but we all know they love the freakiness of redheads so come on guys lets not get it confused

  9. I love my hair and I take care of my hair. If it were dry or damaged, dark colors are best but I like putting highlights and lowlights too. Ladies are really into hair 🙂

  10. well, i love red hair its really pretty, maybe instead of dyeing it completely you could just dye it dark brown under the red, my friends hair is like that and it looks really nice

    I hope this helped 😀

  11. Hi! Im fair complected and have naturally dark brown hair with a hint of red in it. Im thinking of going all red for a change but not sure what shade of red would look best_ IDEAS?? I’ve done some mahogany shades in the past.

  12. I’ve been coloring my hair for more than 30 years and always go with the red or dark brown tones. No matter which shades I use, because my natural color is a mousy brown, they always look fabulous.

  13. Hi there ! I”m a little late on the posting boat, I see. But anywho, some of the veins in my arms are blue, while others are green. How awkward is that ? Also what hair colours look good with fair skin and freckles? My natural hair colour is auburn – y… (Mostly light brown mixed with blonde and hints of red.) I don’t know if I would look good with all blonde hair though :S

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