3 Hot Hairstyle Ideas for Valentine’s Day

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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we all have the same thought on our minds – how am I going to style my hair?!

Well, the experts at blow, the new york blow dry bar are here to ensure your hair will look irresistible all night long! Whether celebrating with your special someone or your sassy single girlfriends, choose one of the below hairstyles that would make even cupid fall in love with you!

bedhead hairSexy Bedhead

Change up your picture-perfect look and let your inner vixen out for the night with sexy, effortless hair.

  1. Starting with dry hair, work in blowPro Faux Dry at the crown to remove any oil and to add texture, and blowPro Heat is On to protect.
  2. Use a 1½-inch curling iron to create curls.  Don’t use the clamp, rather wrap hair around the full barrel.
  3. Evenly apply blowPro Blow Out Spray all over. Flip hair over and rake your fingers through the curls to break them up.
  4. Spritz blowPro Beach Blow into the palms of your hands and scrunch into hair for a tousled look.

Sleek and Straight 

If you always wear your hair naturally curly then surprise him with a chic, modern look.sleek and straight hair

  1. Work in a nickel-sized dollop of blowPro Straight to the Point and a dime-sized drop of blowPro Weather Girl into damp hair before blow drying.
  2. Using duck bill clips divide hair into 4-6 sections.
  3. Blow dry each section using a paddle brush.  The more tension you use, the straighter your hair will be.
  4. Simultaneously run a fine-toothed comb and flat iron through hair for a smooth, straight finish.

Glamorous Blow Out 

Not sure what your plans are?  A gorgeous blow out will complete any look.

  1. Apply blowPro Ready Set Blow to clean, towel-dried hair.  Section hair into 5 sections using duck bill clips.
  2. Dry each section with a large round boar bristle brush.  On the final pass for each section switch the hair dryer to the cool setting to set and minimize frizz and fly-aways.
  3. Roll each section back up and secure with clips.  Apply blowPro Blow Out Spray to keep the look voluminous all day long.
  4. Remove pins and tilt head forward and rake fingers through hair to loosen up the sections.
  5. Flip hair back and work in a dime-sized amount of blowPro Weather Girl for a smooth finish.
  6. ** Rushing home from work?  Fake a fabulous blow out by focusing on the top section of hair.  Make sure it is fully dry with ample volume and your look will be drop dead gorgeous.

Treat yourself this Valentine’s Day with the convenient blowpro JetBlow Mini Kit™ which contains all your styling essentials, like lightweight Beach Blow Texturizing Mist, Blow Up Thickening Mist, and Heat Is On Blow Dry Styling Mist! These must-have’s can be used on all of the above hairdos to prepare and finish the most glammed-up looks!

Disclosure: Thanks to Blow for providing these hairstyle ideas.

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