6 Fine Hair Styles That Transforms Flat Hair

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Fine Hair Styles

Everyone is not born with thick and gorgeous hair but there are still fine hair styles that can add some oomph to flat hair.  Celebrities with fine hair can be perfect examples on how fine hair cuts can be transformed to sexy hair.

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Check out some of the best haircuts for fine hair that will add volume to your strands.

Add Curls

hairstyles for fine hair

A great way to add body many fine hairstyles is by adding curls. Set hair with hot rollers or a curling iron like Jessica Biel. I just love Jessica Biel short hair look.

Volumizing Products

hairstyles for fine hair

You want volume? Then volumizing products are a must-have for thin hairstyles. Try using a volumizing gel or mousse to give fine hair hairstyles that needed lift while styling like Cameron Diaz. Leave-in conditioner is a no-no since it tends to weigh down fine hair.

Hair Piece

hairstyles for fine hair

There’s nothing wrong with adding a hair piece for updos like Kiera Knightley or adding  hair extentions. It creates the illusion of full hair. It’s also a great idea for short hairstyles.

Posh Bob

hairstyles for fine hair

The shorter the hair the fuller your fine hair looks. Fine hair that’s longer can be tough to add volume to when styling since it tends to weigh hair down. So, try a bob cut or better yet…The Posh Bob!  Bob hairstyles for fine hair is the latest trend. Just ask Victoria Beckham.

Tease, Tease, Tease!

hairstyles for fine hair

Teasing the hair is a fantastic way to add volume and texture to short and up-swept thin hairstyles like Elizabeth Banks.

Blunt Cut

hairstyles for fine hair

A blunt looking cut like Gwyneth Paltrow is suitable fine hair style. No layers anywhere except around your face because layers can make you look like you have less hair.

More Tips on  Fine Hair Styles

  • Adding color can enhance the texture of your hair and appears fuller. When the hair is slightly damaged from dyeing, the cuticles become open and is filled in with color adding texture and body.
  • Go curlier by braiding your hair in sections overnight. You’ll see wavy strands when you take it down the next morning.
  • Don’t wash your hair everyday. If you wash your hair every other day, it will feel thicker because texture can come from your own natural oils.
  • Blow dry hair upside down with heat aimed at the roots. Turn your head up again when styling.
  • Adding highlights to the the hair is another alternative to adding volume.
  • If you have long fine hair, try putting it in a ponytail every night. Then pull out the ponytail the next morning and voila..volume at the roots which last all day!


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