How to Get Mermaid-Like Fishtail Braids

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mermaid fishtail braid tory burch

When I look at Tory Burch’s spring/summer 2013 collection, I’d say it’s the best collection of her career thus far. I’m still blown away by her fabric choices, the jewelry, and the African-inspired details in this collection. And the soft disheveled fishtail braids are pure perfection and probably will be one of my favorite summer hairstyles to try. We’ve seen several celebrities do the messy braid look on the red carpet, and braid looks seen down the runways, but there’s something about Tory Burch’s mermaid-like fishtail braid look that’s truly inspiring.

Here’s how to recreate this look just in time for spring and summer!

Step 1. Take your hair and divide into two even sections, then divide again on each side of the head. You should have a total of four with a part down down the middle.

2. Take a small strand from one section (taking from underneath), and wrap it around the entire section. Make sure your pieces are small and aren’t too thick so it looks right.

3. Do the same with the other section of hair.

4. Repeat these steps on each side, until you’re done.

5. To create the soft, pulled-apart look, gently pull at the edges to widen the braid and to get some fuzziness around.

6. Now, do the exact same thing on the other side.

That’s it!

We hope you enjoyed this step-by-step fishtail braid tutorial. We also recommend watching this fishtail braid video tutorial!


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