How To Style Your Hair For Summer

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Hair style trends such as ponytails, buns, and bobs were seen all over the runway in the Spring/Summer 2009 Fashion events and it continues to be the “hot look” for summer. Another hair trend seen this summer compared to last year is the look of strong, vibrant hues. Bye-bye highlights and hello to rich, solid colors.

Now is the best time to try new summer hairstyle trends so when picking a new hair look, opt for a look that is not only beach-friendly, but can work for any occasion day or night. Celebrities are already setting the summer trends and I’ve seen several in, a messy side braid, loose waves, braids, center parts, messy chic styles, fringe cuts, and updos.

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Take a peek at how to style your hair like celebs for summer!

1. This bob cut on Victoria Beckham is a great look for summer.


2. Ashley Tisdale is always rocking the loose beach waves look and she always looks fabulous.

Ashley Tisdale 2, 2012

3. The fringe cut on Jessica Biel is so in right now and is “muy caliente”!

Jessica Biel 2012

4. A center part is another hot look seen in several celebs like Katy Perry.

Katy Perry UNICEF 2, 2012.jpg
Image: “Katy Perry UNICEF 2, 2012” autorstwa Joella Marano from Manhattan, NYC Uploaded by MyCanonKaty Perry. Licencja CC BY-SA 2.0 na podstawie Wikimedia Commons.

5. Add a braid to your side ponytail like Vanessa Hudgens.

Vanessa Hudgens crop


6. The messy chic updo on Haylie Duff  is such a popular trend during the summer. It’s a great day or night look.

Haylie Duff Shankbone 2010 NYC


  1. Katie really looks hot. Tom Cruise did the right move. I'm still kind of sad that he had to break off with Nicole but I think this happens a lot of times when you are a top notch celebrity couple.

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