Celebrity Health: Jillian Michaels’ Workout Secrets

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Hardcore trainer Jillian Michaels from the hit show “The Biggest Loser” is not slowing down these days. With her commitment to helping the extremely overweight and with the success of her workout dvd’s, Jillian is continuing to promote fitness and health while fighting nationwide obesity.  Jillian Michaels shares some of her secrets to building  up your confidence and body.

1. Don’t take it easy on yourself! She surely is an advocate for pushing your workouts to the limit.

“One of my trainers beats the crap out of me; he’s the incarnation of my karma. We do everything from explosive kettlebell to hoisting 100-pound punching bags over my head to running up stairs with 100 pounds over my head two at a time, ” Michaels says. “Sledgehammer workouts, throwing boulders—this guy is insane.” Whew!

2. Do what you hate! I hate working out but I do it to stay healthy. She hates certain workouts too but she commits to it and doesn’t give up. How else can she maintain that super fit body!

“Calisthenics, sprints, speed agility, quickness drills—it’s so tedious and so monotonous and I hate every second of it, ” confesses Michaels.

3. Get rock-hard abs without crunches. This is so true! Crunches alone will not give you flat abs. Truth is we all have abs but no one can see it unless we remove the layers of fat surrounding it. The best way to get rock-hard abs is major cardio and diet.

“I never isolate my abdominals, ” she says. “It’s all high-energy training, body weight, core multiple muscle groups and a really clean, clean diet. It’s not one move.”

4. Pay attention to your diet! I try to stay a way from high calorie  and processed foods and include good carbs and protein into my diet. I also drink plenty of water.

“The key is body fat, ” instructs Michaels. “You need to shed body fat, so cut out processed foods. Cut out alcohol whenever possible. Keep your water level really high so you’re not retaining.”

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Source: Self

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