Health: Do Vitamins Work? Or Are You Just Wasting Your Time

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Do Vitamins Work?

We were given so many promises in this world; from our friends and loved ones who surrounded us all the time, our office buddies, and from our government itself with all their long lists of promises. And then there are those promises made on TV by pharmaceutical companies trying to invite us all into checking out their wonderful health products, particularly those in vitamins industry. So many promises. Here you are wondering just like the rest of the folks out there, “do vitamins work?” As promised? Do we really need them?

The average person who maintains a healthy and well-balanced diet has no more need to take vitamin pills. Let it be clear to everyone that nothing can ever substitute fresh and healthy foods. Most people everywhere take vitamins because they feel that their own personal diets are not sufficient enough to provide them with the needed nutrients so they can stay healthy with all their busy daily lifestyles before them. Some folks out there are an exemption; they needed vitamins because they have their own medical and dietary issues.

Real food still rocks; it always will! Vitamins and mineral combos found in whole foods can never be replicated with vitamin pills. They can try, but they will never get there. The freshness of fruits and vegetables stands out over vitamin pills.

Here are some good examples:

• Natural antioxidants – these are all important in our unified fight against aging, in the repairing of damaged cells and the mopping up of free radicals in our body system. New research is now making noises about the dangers and hazards of antioxidant supplements when introduced into the human body system in inappropriate amounts. And if you look the other way around, you will know that there is absolutely nothing harmful with consuming varieties of colorful fruits and veggies.

• Greater nutrition variety – what’s wonderful about fresh fruits is that it contains a whole variety of vitamins and minerals, along with all the other essential nutrients needed by the human body. All these are complex enough that no vitamin supplement can ever mimic.

• Fiber – Fiber is a very important component in helping our body systems function and run smoothly all the time, especially in maintaining healthy bowel movement and reducing harmful cholesterol levels. Found in various fruit and vegetable sources, fiber also has a hand in reducing the risks of having diabetes and heart diseases. For those who want to lose weight, a fiber-rich diet will make you feel full for longer than usual periods of time, thus doing away with the need to eat unnecessarily.

Should I take vitamins?

Yes!!! After identifying such wonderful benefits of straight up fruits and vegetables, we now ask ourselves who then would be better off taking vitamin supplements. The truth is vitamins indeed can be of assistance to those unfortunate people with limited dietary intakes, or those suffering from the following conditions:

• Pregnant or nursing mothers – women will benefit best if they are able to introduce folic acid into their systems before they start getting pregnant.

• Vegetarians – because they are limited in their protein intake, they will be needing vitamin supplements to help make up for the deficiency, with the hopes of balancing their whole diet system.

• There are also those who had undergone gastric bypass operations for weight loss purposes and suffer with their nutritional deficiencies. And because of this, they are going to need quality vitamin supplements so they will not risk themselves with health hazards.

There are also some medical conditions including forms of food allergies that leave persons with a deficient diet system.

How do I find the right vitamins for me?

As we age, knowing the right vitamins, the correct dosage, and what’s considered safe for me should now be taken into account. A solution to this is a vitamin recommendation plan created by Dr. Andrew Weil, a trusted advisor in the field of nutrition. Dr. Weil’s Vitamin Advisor is an online questionnaire that yields a personalized, comprehensive recommendation for vitamins, multivitamins and supplements based on your lifestyle, diet, medications, and health concerns.

It’s a 4 step questionnaire which just takes minutes to complete. You’ll receive a free personalized vitamin recommendation to meet your unique needs.

Want a Healthier Lifestyle? Try the Vitamin Advisor for Free!

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