The Lip Slip Lipgloss by Sara Happ

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Lipgloss junkie Sara Happ has created a new lipgloss balm that stands out from the rest. Why you might ask? Well… The Lip Slip Lipgloss leaves no color, only rich and glossy hydration your lips will love. You can wear it all day and even overnight. Get soft, smooth, and moisturized lips almost immediately.

The Lip Slip Lipgloss is now one of my favorite glosses this winter season that I just can’t put down. It definitely melts into your lips and leaves it glossified. I wake up and my lips are soft. I love it! Trust me when I say that it doesn’t disappoint. If you have dry, cracked lips, then this is a must have; however I would encourage you try a lip scrub first for significant results.

Check out the Lip Slip, the latest from Sara Happ here.

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