Madonna Reveals Material Girl Beauty Collection

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Madonna and Lourdes are taking the Material Girl line one step further by launching its first ever beauty collection. I’m totally wow’d by this new change, but in a good way. The makeup collection includes nail polishes, lipsticks, two eye palettes, body washes, lotions, and scented body mists. All the different makeup shades and scents were thought up by Lourdes herself.

“I love everything that has to do with beauty! It’s always fun to get made up for a party, and it makes you feel good, ” Lourdes says.” I had to smell hundreds and hundreds of different scents while smelling coffee beans in between. I had such massive headaches afterwards!”

The Material Girl Beauty Line will be sold exclusively at Macys stores nationwide and with prices starting at $7. Watch out for its release on August 15th! The two eye palettes will debut mid- September.

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