Rachel McAdams on the January 2010 Cover of Vogue

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I was over at Bryan Boy the other day when I spotted Rachel McAdams on the cover of Vogue January 2010 issue.  He made a good point on how we usually see the same actresses on the American Vogue cover like Cameron Diaz  or Charlize Theron. I totally agree and it’s great to see a fresh face on the cover especially for the new year. There are so many reasons why I love Rachel McAdams besides watching her on The Notebook or playing the “Rich Bitch” on Mean Girls.

Are you a fan of  Rachel McAdams?


  1. Growing up thinking that Sherlock Holmes was a girl, I thought the movie would disappoint me. I already imagine “her” to be sophisticated, drop-dead-gorgeous, witty, and a smart detective. I should have seen my face in the mirror when I learned Robert Downey Jr. plays Sherlock Holmes. Blame it on Nancy Drew or the name Sherlock, private investigation stories work best for women

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