Bold Brows & Glossy Lips Inspired by Derek Lam Spring 2012 RTW!

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If there’s one dominant beauty trend that stands out from the Spring 2012 RTW runway shows thus far, it’s definitely bold brows. While not every designer seems determined to set forth their Spring looks by leading with the strongest of face-framing arches, Derek Lam embraced them with open arms. The designer’s fierce models not only dressed the part, but looked the part as well with statement-making untamed brows that made audiences want to throw their tweezers to the wayside. Even if you don’t have the ability to grow Jordana Brewster type eyebrows, you can fake Derek Lam’s hottest East Coast inspired beauty trend with a brow palette like LORAC’s Take a Brow Eyebrow Enhancers. Ditch any kit with stencils, as the idea is to look natural and borderline unruly (but not crazy, of course), and instead choose to focus on your brows natural shape, as imperfect as it may be! Instead of your typical neutral shadow, Derek Lam’s girls rocked matte yellow (like Urban Decay’s ABC Gum) for lids that popped, highlighted with copper eyeliner underneath to keep eyes defined with just the right amount of flash. Cheeks were dusted with a sunny peach shadow to give a sense of warmth that’s sexy, natural, and on-trend without verging on overpowering. And of course, don’t forget the ultra-shiny clear lip gloss – this way the focus stays on the brows without losing all emphasis on the lips! Photo Credit:

– Alex Gambardella

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Guest post from my friends over at The Find!

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