Fishtail Braid How-To: Pamela Love S/S 2012

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fishtail braid

Celebrity Jewelry Designer Pamela Love found inspiration in tribal wear for her Spring/Summer 2012 collection. Sebastian Professional Stylist Design Team Member Anthony Cole created the deconstructed fishtail braid look to match. It definitely falls in the easy spring hairstyles category that I would love to try.

Anthony recommends making a hair statement with an intricate fishtail braid that can either be tousled and textured for a casual evening, or sleek and refined for a classy affair.  A master of his craft, he created the fishtail braid hairstyle backstage at the Pamela Love spring 2012 New York Fashion Week presentation.

Fishtail Braid How-To:

1.)    Apply Sebastian Professional Potion 9 to damp hair and blow-dry.

2.)    Create a low ponytail and secure with an elastic.

3.)    Emulsify Sebastian Professional Craft Clay into the palms of the hands to ensure a good grip when crafting the braid.

4.)    Break the ponytail into two equal sections.

5.)     Take a ¼” piece of hair from the bottom of one section and pull it out and over, and add it to the other side. Repeat this with the other section and continue repeating this maneuver until the braid is complete.

Expert tipUse sections of hair larger than ¼” towards the bottom of the ponytail so that the braid does not thin out.

6.)    Secure the braid with an elastic. For a more textured look, run fingers up and down the braid and pull out random pieces.

7.)    Keep the style in place with Sebastian Professional Shaper Zero Gravity.

Here is his step-by-step video shot backstage at Pamela Love.

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