New York Fashion Week Spring 2011: Z Spoke by Zac Posen

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Designer: Z Spoke by Zac Posen

Inspiration: Young, hip, and cartoon-y

Top Trends: eclectic colors, fruity prints, denim jeans and blazers, lean cotton suits, high platform heels and boots, print dresses with fringe, glam eyewear, colorful chic handbags

My Thoughts: Wow this collection is totally different but in a good way. It’s very fun and wacky with a play on cartoon-esque outfits, bright colors, and fruity prints. Definitely for the young and trendy shopper.

Backstage Beauty

Makeup: Charlotte Willer for Maybelline New York

Hair: Odile Gilbert using Got 2 Be products

Nails: OPI

Top Looks

Makeup : “Zac said he was channeling the theater and street performers, so we went with something definitely dramatic, ” said Willer. So Willer used pink blush on the cheeks and black mascara. There were three different looks as well. The “lead look” had a gold, copperish hue on the eyes with cherry lips. The other two looks used an intense yellow pigment on the eyes with hot pink lips or blue and green eyes with hot orange pout.

Hair: Masses of curls tied back in either a french twist, top knot, or ponytail.

Nails: Long, oval press-ons in a vibrant leopard print or tie-dye.

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