How to Achieve Soft and Sexy Legs

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We are getting close to summer time ladies and it’s time to start toning up and showing off are legs. Here are some tricks that I use to get sexiness and beauty back into your legs. Lets face it, guys love women with sexy legs so why not show them off. Anyone can have them. You just need to keep them toned, waxed, and maintained regularly.

1. Keep Your Legs in Shape

So first is keeping your legs in shape. That means doing some running, walking, climbing up the stairs and etc. If you don’t have stairs in your home, then they’re other alternatives. My home doesn’t have stairs so I usually do squats (2 sets of 10) and lunges (2 sets of 10 each side). You really start feeling the burn on your legs all the way up to your buttox. It’s a really great exercise and you should see results right away. If you don’t want to workout at home, then you can join your local gym. I run on the treadmill for at least 30 minutes a day. So a combination of running, squats, and lunges, will get you sexy legs in no time.

2. Waxing

The second step is waxing. I know ladies. Waxing can be painful but beauty is pain. Sugar waxing is another type of waxing that is actually less painful. I would suggest that if it is your first time waxing your legs. If you are too scared to do it yourself , then go to a professional. I wax because it makes my legs so smooth and it takes a longer time for my hair to grow back, so there are some positives with waxing. If you can’t handle the pain, there are other hair removal systems such as depilatory creams. It removes the hair very close to the root; however, it does grow back faster than waxing does. Whatever choice you choose the result is smooth, healthy looking legs.

3. Flaunt Them

The last step is of course FLAUNTING them. Wear dresses, shorts and skirts. It’s going to be hot so they’re several summer dresses you can flaunt your legs in. For a finishing touch, I would use a bronzer especially when I’m going out at night. MAC Cosmetics just came out with a new bronzer for the legs, called SkinSheen Leg Spray($22.50). It has several colors so it works on any skin tone(Medium Dark, Dark, Deep Dark). It provides sheer to low coverage with subtle sheen and radiance. It gives your legs that extra beauty and sexiness. To get the optimal effect of this product, it’s best to use with the body buffer ($52). I recently bought one yesterday at the MAC counter and it looks fabulous!

So there you have it. Three key ingredients to sexy legs. Summer is getting very close ladies. Start working on your legs now!


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