Dove Clear Tone Deodorant 2 Week Challenge!

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dove clear tone pink rosa deodorant

I’ve been a Dove fan since my college days  and I can honestly say that I’ve been happy with how well it keeps my underarms sweat and odor free. I was approached by Dove to take a 2 week challenge by ditching my old deodorant for its new Dove Clear Tone™ Pink Rosa Deodorant.

Dove Clear Tone Deodorant is the first and only U.S. deodorant designed to reduce red and dark marks and even skin tone thanks to a revolutionary new formula of Calendula, Sunflower Seed Extracts and unique Dove moisturizers that help accelerate the natural skin renewal process.

As an African-American, dark patches and discoloration is common due to frequent shaving under the arm area so, I’m really excited to use this product for the next two weeks. My other main challenges with deodorants include:

  • white marks left on my clothes
  • white flakes left underneath my arms
  • weak odor & wetness protection

I’ll be doing a follow up post, two weeks from today to share my thoughts on the product (touching on all four of my main challenges) and if it significantly improves my underarm area.

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Did you know? When underarm skin is irritated by shaving, it can respond by creating dark marks.

The solution – NEW Dove® Clear Tone™ Pink Rosa Deodorant. With calendula and sunflower seed extracts, Dove® Clear Tone works with your body’s natural chemistry to visibly reduce dark marks in just 2 weeks* while providing 48-hour odor and wetness protection

*vs. basic deodorant roll-on without moisturizer, based on those who expressed preference in a survey

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Dove via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Dove.   

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  1. It is so annoying when a deodorant leaves white marks on your clothes. Sadly that’s my experience with the Dove Deo that I’m currently using. But it does smell really nice. Look forward to your follow up review.

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