How to Keep Your Sun-Kissed Skin Well Into Fall

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sun kissed skin well into fall

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Fall Skin Care Tips

The summer season is winding down and fall is just around the corner. Just because you’re saying “bye-bye” to your shorts and summer dresses doesn’t mean you have to let go of your sun-kissed skin. Candice Betz, the Spa Director at W Austin’s AWAY SPA, shares tips on ways to reverse this season’s recent skin damage as well as maintaining your summer glow well into fall.

From face cleansing to juice cleansing, here are Betz’s tips for no fail fall skin:

Cleansing 101

Fall is the perfect time to reassess the cleanser you’re using.  It took you through summer (when we wear minimal makeup), but is it good enough for fall?  Look for cleansers that also remove makeup, and be aware of your changing skin type.  If the summer months have left skin dry & dehydrated, opt for cleansing milks, which leave skin soothed & refreshed.  On the flip side, skin that’s been hammered by humidity & sweat deserves a cleansing gel, which can help purify & decongest.

Sun Protection

It’s easy to think you can skip the sunscreen now that summer’s gone, but don’t think twice about layering on UV protection.  Even cloudy days bring prime sun exposure.  Continue to choose moisturizers & foundations containing sunscreen, and pick a body moisturizer with sun protection too.  Your hands & chest will thank you.


Regular use of an at-home exfoliator keeps skin bright & even-toned.  Microdermabrasion takes it one step further, by stimulating circulation, reducing sun damage, and diminishing fine lines, wrinkles, acne, and shallow acne scars.  Microderm treatments aid in the penetration of skin care products allowing makeup to go on much more smoothly and leave skin feeling & looking fabulous

Juice Cleanse

Any vacationer knows how easy it is to indulge in the best foods (that are the worst for you).  A juice cleanse isn’t as radical as you think – you still ingest food, but in the form of fresh-pressed veggies and fruits, plus some much-needed protein.  With the weather cooling down, it’s a great time to detoxify your body & feel energized again.

Utilize your oils

Nourish skin & hair with Argan oil.  This plant-based oil, native to Morocco, is valued for its nutritive and cosmetic purposes.  It can be used for anything – apply to cuticles & mix into hand cream to keep hands soft.  Use alone on skin as a serum to hydrate & protect.  Apply to ends of hair to add shine & stay frizz-free.  Great for all skin types, this oil is the must-have in any household.


  1. This blog is a nice reminder to give our skin some good old fashion T.L.C. Especially as the seasons change, we often forget that our skin changes as well.

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