Review: Tria Blue Light Acne Treatment

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tria blue light

Tria Beauty is known for creating the ever popular at-home hair removal laser system and now, the brand has released another product designed to treat acne. Tria Blue Light Acne Treatment uses the same blue light technology dermatologists use in their offices. Acne sufferers can now get the same quality results at home.

How Does Tria Blue Light Work?

Blue Light Technology prevents breakouts from occurring. The light penetrates the skin to kill the acne-causing bacteria. This device is a dream come true for acne sufferers because they no longer have to make frequent trips to the dermatology office or spending more money on ineffective acne treatments. Multiple weekly visits to the dermatologist office can cost around $1000-1500. When I did multiple blue light treatments four years ago, I paid over $3000 so, Tria Blue Light can surely save you the time and cost.

More Benefits of Tria Blue Light

  • This device fits seamlessly into your beauty routine. It clears away acne-causing bacteria, leaving your skin more calm and healthy. Overtime, the skin will have a more youthful appearance.
  • Blue light technology is 10 times more powerful than any other at home blue light treatment. You’re getting the same blue light levels you would pay to a dermatologist meaning each treatment will be more effective and you’ll receive less treatments overtime.

Is it Safe?

Tria Blue Light Laser is an FDA-approved, dermatology recommended product so it is safe. It also works well with all skin-types and is specifically designed to treat mild to moderate acne. You’ll feel a warming sensation during the treatment but that’s it. No need to worry about getting burned. ­čÖé

My review:

So earlier I mentioned my experience with acne blue light treatments in the past. I had really bad acne growing up and I was also left with acne scarring. The blue light treatments worked great and I was thrilled with the results. Today, I still get a few breakouts once in a while but that’s normal. Avoiding stress is often times inevitable. The truth is maintenance is always needed to keep your skin clear. ┬áI found it much more convenient and cost effective to use the Tria Beauty system safely at home to avoid frequent visits to the dermatology office. That’s why I bought it! The results are just as great, very easy to use, and my skin looks fabulous. There’s ┬áno downtime┬áwhatsoever. I use it a couple of times a week and the treatments usually last a few minutes (~4 minutes).

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If you’re looking for an acne treatment system that can deliver you clear and healthy skin, then give Tria Blue Light system a try. Blue light treatments worked for me, but ultimately, only you can be the judge.

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