Soothe Winter Skin Freak-Outs With a Calming Serum

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If this cold, dry winter weather has not only gotten under your skin, but is seriously messing with your skin too, you’re not alone! Even not-so-sensitive skin is prone to winter freak-outs, whether you’re a victim of facial redness, puffiness, flakiness, or any variety of other sad cold-weather woes. But don’t fret – there’s a quick solution to soothe flustered skin during these extreme conditions, and a facial calming serum may become your new beauty savior through the winter, and possibly all year-round! If harsh weather conditions have your skin constantly irritated, try Philosophy’s Keep The Peace serum, which incorporates multiple antioxidants to serve as your knight in shining armor against environmental attack. Origins’ Dr. Weil Mega Mushroom Skin Relief takes protection a step further with anti-aging properties like Chaga and Pleurotus Mushrooms to slow visible signs of aging and make skin more resilient. If you’re more concerned with the damage that’s already been done, H2O Marine Calm Rescue Serum soothes the signs of irritation and dryness with witch hazel and yarrow extract, while Dr. Sebagh Rose de Vie Serum smoothes skin for a more supple appearance and feel with the help of organic rose hip oil for more healthy skin, no matter what the weather!

– Alexandra Gambardella

Guest post from my friends over at The Find!

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