Toners: Are They Really Necessary?

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toner necessary

For a long time now, I have always questioned the use of toners. What does toner do for your face? Is it necessary to put on before moisturizing? What can it do for my skin? This has been one of the most debated questions in skincare.

So why are toners often neglected in our daily skincare regimen? Well here’s a bit of background on toners. Toners are used after cleansing to keep the skin’s pH balanced and to protect the skin against bacteria which is great for acne prone skin. Toners make the skin feel clean and refresh. Toners are also known to tighten pores and removing excess traces of makeup. So far, toners sound great. Right?

So why the fuss? Are they really necessary? Some would say that it’s not for everyone. Toners are optimal for combination and/or oily skin. So people with mature, dry, and sensitive skin should just skip it. In today’s market, most cleansers are enough to properly cleanse the skin without the need of a toner. The last thing you want is to strip your skin of its natural oil. That will just increase oil production and worsen the problem. On the other hand, some might say that it is essential and loves the freshness that toners give after wearing a lot of makeup. It soothes the skin, moisturizers, and some provide antioxidants which helps improve the overall health of the skin. Skin type shouldn’t be a determining factor.

I too have oily skin so a toner is included in my daily regimen and I like how it leaves my skin extra clean. Is it necessary? Probably not, but if you are satisfied with the extra clean feeling after using it, then by all means continue. If you choose to use a toner, make sure to stay away from harsh astringents because they disturb the pH level and that just make your skin very oily. Look for toners that are gentle and alcohol free. Bliss Daily Detoxifying Facial Toner would be a good choice. It smooths, moisturizes, and provides antioxidant protection from environmental toxins. Talk about a triple threat. I’m also a fan of Kiehls Ultra Facial Oil Free Toner. It ready does help reduce excess oil from my face.

Again if you love your toner and feel that it does improve your skin, then don’t stop using it. Truth is, I think this is a topic that will always be questionable.

What do you think? Are toners necessary?


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