Deborah Lippmann’s Run The World (Girls) Neon Nail Polish Set!

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I have a fashion fetish for Deborah Lippmann nail polish. Yes, I said it. Nevermind the fact that they’re about $20 a pop – my wallet might not approve, but collecting pretty polishes in Deborah’s luxe signature square bottles makes keeping up on the latest nail trends way more fun. Luckily for my aforementioned wallet, however, the manicure maven herself has released her Summer 2012 collection in the form of a set of mini polishes, so compulsive collectors like me can indulge in all the sexy neon shades and get more bang for our buck! Inspired by Beyonce’s empowering lady-anthem “Run The World (Girls), ” the summery set includes 5 mini polishes in fiercely bright shades, all cleverly named with quirky titles like “Hollaback Girl” (neon orange), “It Girl” (bright lemon yellow), “I Kissed a Girl” (shocking pink), and more! At $45 for all 5, stocking up on this set certainly beats shelling out the almost $80+ it would cost to buy five full-size individual bottles that I’d probably never see the end of!

– Alexandra Gambardella

Guest post from my friends over at The Find!

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