3 Budget-Friendly New Year’s Eve Outfits (via College Candy)

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Guest post from my friends at College Candy!

It feels like yesterday that we woke up, blurred eyed and fuzzed headed, welcoming in 2010. But here we are again, New Year’s Eve. The one night of the year it’s perfectly acceptable to kiss everybody in sight at midnight and drink your body weight in champagne. It’s also the one night of the year when it’s totally fine to wear more sequins that a drag queen. New Year’s Eve is a night where you spend hours getting ready only to wake up with what looks like half the buffet table down your dress, and your perfectly applied lipstick all over someone else’s face. It’s also the perfect opportunity to buy something shiny and new.

Everyone has different New Year’s plans, so I’ve created three different outfits depending on your plans- Casual Party, Dressy Party and Night on the Town.  And yes, all three contain sequins. I’m not even sorry.

Check out the three outfits here!

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