3 Ways to Improve Your Winter White Fashion (Under $100)

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Who says you can’t wear white after Labor Day? Forget the rule because winter white fashions are a hot trend seen down the runways and on celebs. I will say that there is a difference between winter and summer white denim. Winter white is more luxurious. You see more creams and vanillas instead of pure white and it looks best on soft plush fabrics: cashmere, wool, cotton, satin and silk. Wearing white is great way to add some fun to your winter wardrobe. Check out these 3 outfit ideas to improve your winter white look.

Outfit Idea #1: White Jeans

White jeans in the winter can be very stylish. Wear it the right way by pairing  it with cold winter essentials like Sarah Jessica Parker. A nice cardigan or sweater and a pair of boots will chic up your winter look.

  1. Old Navy Womens Wrap Cardigans- Oldnavy, $35
  2. White Distressed Leather Belt- Metroparkusa.com, $1.96
  3. ASOS Iggy White Skinny Jeans- Asos.com, $17
  4. Brown Studded Buckle Ankle Boots- Debenhams.com, $31

Outfit Idea #2: White Dress

I’m a big fan of wearing white dresses during the winter but don’t show too much skin. Pair your dress with dark tights and dark heels like Ginnifer Goodwin. Add a dark jacket if you need to. Also, go for a dress that’s off white like a cream or ivory.

  1. Cutie Cream Tiered Embellished Dress- DorothyPerkins.com, $54
  2. Pointelle Tights- Anthropologie.com, $18
  3. Ball Room Inspired Shoes- Forever21.com, $25

Outfit Idea #3: White Coat

Nothing says luxurious like a big white trench coat. Julianne Hough perfectly pulls off this “white trench coat” look by pairing it with jeans and knee high boots. Gotta love it when you find cheap winter boots!

  1. Old Navy Women’s Plus Wool-Blend Trench Coats- Oldnavy.gap.com, $45
  2. Breckelle’s Rider 81 Knee-High Boots- CutesyGirl.com, $30
  3. Life in Progress Saddle Skinny Jeans- Forever21.com, $25


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