5 Big Trends From Fall 2010 New York Fashion Week (College Candy)

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Guest post from College Candy!

Fashion Week and all its bittersweet glory has come and gone. The last Fashion Week to be shown at Bryant Park, designers pulled out all of the tricks under their sleeves to make it unforgettable.  The big white tents, made even whiter by the snow, brought new looks into the new decade that will be sure to translate into your wardrobe.  So what will you be wearing next fall?

1. Neutrals!

Designers showed many variations of neutrals on the runway, from bold blacks shown by Vera Wang to grays and camel tones from favorites Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors.  Whites and ivories made several appearances, almost in a bridal inspired way.  What this means for you: Don’t be afraid to mix and match neutrals.  The classic fashion faux pas “Don’t wear white after labor day” is slowly but surely becoming extinct, so don’t listen to your grandmother when she reprimands you for doing so.  Tell her Thakoon said it was fine.

2. Fur, Fur, Fur.

That’s right.  PETA might disagree, but it is all about the fur for next fall…any kind, in any way.  Coats and shrugs featured bold lavish furs while some designers used fur as trimming to spruce up their looks.  If you’re a friend to the animals or don’t have thousands of dollars to drop on each outfit (who does??) don’t be outraged just yet – variations of faux fur are about to spread like rapid fire.

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