5 Layered Winter Outfits Worth Copying

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ways to layer outfits

Layering is a must for winter but, I will admit that styling a layered look can be a bit intimidating at times. Layering is a chic way to pair up colors and patterns in a way that can revive your wardrobe.  Over the years, I’ve learned that the key to layering while still looking fashionable is balance. You don’t want to go overboard with layering. For example, don’t layer chunky clothes with chunky pieces. If you over do it, you risk looking messy and bulky.  Chunky sweaters are popular this winter season so pair it with something lightweight like a cotton jersey or a button down shirt and slim pants like leggings. To add more pizazz to your winter look, add sequin pieces into the mix too.

The ladies below, pull this look off very well so take note! Test out these 5 layered winter outfits below!

Layered Winter Outfits

layered winter outfits 02

Adding a vest on top of a light blouse is an easy way to add layers of warmth without looking bulky. She balances her look with a simple pair of skinny jeans and her Tory Burch bag completed her winter outfit perfectly. [image]

layered winter outfits 04

I love the pop of red with this perfect layering and color combo. The black skinny jeans, chambray top, graphic sweater, and military-style jacket keep the look casual yet chic. [image]

layered winter outfits

The scarf is an essential item when trying to pull off the the layered look. I love that she paired a bright colored coat with different tones of gray. Burnt orange is a great color for winter! [image]

layered winter outfits 05

I love this black and white combo!  She combined this striped dress with a belt, black tights, boots, and a gray and white coat to create a layered winter outfit even for the coldest days. [image]

layered winter outfits

Jules makes layering look effortless with this chic minimal look. To recreate this look, pair your skinny jeans with a shirt dress, gray tee, and blazer. Keep it casual with a pair of flats or sneakers. [image]


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