8 Valentine’s Day Fashion for Under $20

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This Sunday is February 14th, that equally loved and dreaded holiday all about looooove.  While you may be worrying about whether you have a date or not, there’s no need to worry about what you’re gonna wear. There are tons of affordable and adorable options out there for any of those V-Day plans: hot date, night out with the girls or staying in on the couch watching sappy movies and eating cartons of ice cream.

Valentine’s Day is all about red, pink, and hearts so whether you choose to vamp it up in a sexy red dress, add a burst of festive color with tights or shoes, or show your heart with accessories, you can easily incorporate the day’s theme into a cute look that isn’t over-the-top.

Here are a few of my favorite options…

If you’ve got a hot date or you’re just out lookin’ for a hot date, a red dress is key. Sure, you could go with the LBD, but that’s boring! Red just screams, “Look at me!” so take advantage! And don’t worry, both of these dresses can be worn again and again. They may even last you longer than your Valentine….

Pair either of these bold and flattering red skirts with a basic black or white tank, some black tights and a pair of hot pumps and you’re ready for the big night.

Who says you can’t get into the Valentine’s spirit at home? These pants would pair perfectly with some Oreo Truffles and a Modern Family (on Hulu) marathon.

For those of you who don’t look good in red but still wanna wear your heart on your sleeve lips on your chest, Forever’s got you covered. Layer this conversation piece over a pair of skinny jeans and top the look off with a boyfriend blazer and you’ve got a look that will start conversations all night.

These earrings are super cute in that “I look totally vintage” sort of way. Wear them to add a little hint of love to your V-day look, or rock them year round. At under $3, you really can’t go wrong.

Valentine’s Day or no Valentine’s Day, these cut-out booties would look H-O-T with a pair of jeans and a basic top.

Guest post from my friends at College Candy!

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