Color Me Bad…On the Bottom! (via College Candy)

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Guest post from my friends over at College Candy!

For the last few months, I’ve seen a pair of BRIGHT blue jeans staring at me through the window of Intermix on my walk to and from Starbucks, yoga, dinner, etc. Paired with what I can only imagine is a top that costs more than my rent, I keep thinking that they are pretty C to the U-T-E. I’m always tempted to go in and try them on, but just as I’m about to, my inner dialogue goes a little something like this:

“Of course they look cute on a tall and skinny mannequin. But you Jill, are not a tall and skinny mannequin. You, in those blue pants would look less like a mannequin and more like… a Smurf. And not one of those cute little Smurfs with their cute little legs and white little hats that a 3 year old would want to see in 3D but a Smurf with really big, bright blue thighs. But then again they are so cute. But is it silly to spend $150 on a pair of pants that may or may not make me look like a Smurf and may or may not be out of style in like 4 days?”

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