Denim 101 Guide: How To Avoid Dragging Your Denims

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Denim 101 Guide is a series post focusing on everything denim!

Quality jeans were made to last a long time, however the dragging of jeans on the floor can lessen the life span on the material. This causes the jeans to become worn and may cause discoloration. Avoiding the dragging of jeans is important to stop the spread of damage. Most of the time, the stitching at the bottom can become loose and travel to the top of the jeans. Here are some tips on how to avoid the dragging of your denim jeans:


One of the most popular reason for the infamous ‘dragging jean’ is the jeans do not fit the body correctly. There are a ton of body types. It is important for the consumer to understand their body type and get the right measurements before going jean shopping. This will save them a lot of money and hassle in the future.  Many of the most popular designers offer jeans to the public based on body type; such as the popular ‘pear-shape’ or ‘long and slender’ appearance. Since many stores and shopping malls do not offer custom tailoring, the consumer should already know their waist size and the overall length of their legs.

Aim For a Higher Cut Waist Jean

Low-rider jeans are very popular (especially amongst the younger teens) because they are sexy and look great for going out, however, they can add length to the wearer if they have short legs and a long torso. Higher cut waist jeans usually fit snuggly at the base of the stomach instead of right below the hips.

Boot-Cut Jeans

Most people who have problems with dragging jeans have short legs but a curvy figure, which can make it hard to get jeans that do not scrape the floor. Boot-cut jeans are automatically made a little shorter by the designer because they are created to be worn with high-heel boots. This is a perfect option for those looking for shorter jeans that will also fit their curvy hips.

Hemming the Jeans

Many people avoid hemming their jeans because they don’t know the process of actually doing the task. To hem the bottom of thejean; simply lift the jeans higher by manipulating the stitching. This can be done by cuffing the bottom of the jeans and stitching with a sewing machine around the cuff.

When buying jeans, the consumer should make sure to check their body type. There are also many online manufacturers who offer custom tailoring and jean sizes based on the consumer’s actual measurements. Making sure jeans fit correctly will allow for longer usage.

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