Denim 101 Guide: How To Find Flattering Jeans For Your Shape

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Denim 101 Guide is a series post focusing on everything denim!

Jeans continue to be one of the most popular trends and has held this position since the late 50’s (when they were first introduced). They can be worn with just about anything and still create a clean, crisp look. The best way to make jeans look good is to choose the ones that look flattering for your specific body-type. Since there are so many types of jeans, styles and sizes, this can be a hard task for many. It may especially be hard for consumers who have an uneven body type (ie, long torso and short legs). Here are some tips for finding flattering jeans:

Determine Your Body Type

The first method to finding jeans that will fit your body correctly is to figure out your body-type. The only way to do this is to get exact measurements. You may find that you have a ‘pear-shape’ or ‘long legs’. This is important to know before going jean shopping. It is essential to measure the overall length of the legs and to determine if you have full hips and/or a really small (or large) waist; all of these factors will determine how jeans will fit on you. Some of the most common problems with jeans is that they can be extra tight in the buttock or waist region. If the person happens to bend over, the jeans will slide down in the back and expose their buttocks or underwear. This is a sure-tell sign that the jeans are not fitting correctly, even if they appear to be a perfect fit. Other issues include jeans that drag on the floor. This may happen with those who have full hips and short legs.

High-Waist Jeans

These type of jeans are good for those who have short legs or a slight stomach budge. Most high-waist jeans fit slightly above the lower stomach. Depending on the designer, they might rest above or just below the belly button. These jeans are perfect for those who have slender legs, but a budge in their stomach and back which can produce a ‘muffin-top’ if regular jeans are worn. High-waist jeans also add length to the legs.

  • Cooperative High-Waisted Cropped Jeans-, $54
  • Daisy High-Waisted Skinny Jeans-, $80
  • Cooperative High-Waisted Cropped Jeans in Dark-, $54

Flare Jeans

For those who have really wide hips, the flare jeans is an option for this body-type. The flare at the bottom will make the hips look equally symmetrical to the rest of the body. This can also cause the hips to look less wide and more appealing. Flare jeans were taken from the infamous ‘bell-bottom’ pants which were made popular in the 70’s. The flare jeans were re-introduced to the public in the late 90’s and returned to the runway this season.

  • Tory Burch high rise Flare Bright Jeans–, $195
  • AE Women’s Vintage Flare Jeans-, $40
  • Gap High Rise Flare Jeans (faded dark wash)-, $70


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