DIY: Leather and Chain Belt

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diy chain & leather belt

Geri Hirsch from Because I’m Addicted is back again with an awesome DIY video on how to take a Chanel-inspired gold chain necklace and turn it into a leather and chain belt. It’s sophisticated, easy and you can wear it three ways!

So to get started, you’ll need:

  • Leather rope/cord
  • Chain
  • Cutters/scissors

Step 1. Measure Chain around your waist and cut.

Step 2.  Measure leather cord to be equal length as chain plus add 14 inches and cut.

Step 3. Thread leather through end of chain.

Step 4. Knot leaving 7 inches from the end.

Step 5. Weave leather in & out of chain till you reach the end.

Step 6. Then knot the end of leather and leave excess to tie around your waist.

You can also see Geri wearing this accessory as a bracelet and as a necklace. Pretty cool huh?

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